User cases

Here are some examples of our customers who used Excel books based or Access file based workflow and then elevated them into a web enabled system, using the existing Excel books or Access files, in a short time with low cost. Many customers have selected dbSheetClient as a tool to enable them to attain system improvements promptly.

Since we have not released dbSheetClient in the USA yet, user case examples are available only from Japan.

Industrial Electric Apparatus, a Wholesale Distributor (Headquarters: Located in Tokyo) »

“Our Administrative Headquarters employed the dbSheetClient based Access to construct the "Business Support System" that the sales managers and the sales assistants use. This system let our 10 domestic bases use MS-Access applications smoothly which cover quotations, order forms and other forms up to issuing invoices that the sales managers create.”

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Kibun Foods Inc. »

“Chilled Food System to manage quality inspection (Bacteriological testing, etc.) operations (Minced fish meat (Hanpen, Chikuwa, Satsuma-age, etc.) Household dishes). By developing the system, we became able to share information between the Quality Inspection Center and the quality inspection data (bacteriological inspection data and progress management) at our Product Development Division / Purchase Division / HQ quality management division/ Factories.”

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“Our company has been extensively using Excel for information sharing. So we have selected work processes one after another where we can expect a great performance boost by using dbSheetClient and so developed and operated. We present here the details of the sales forecast planning.......”

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Nittetsu Sumikin Distribution Hirohata, Inc. »

“Our company has been putting emphasis on ‘Skill succession’ for a long time. We came to the conclusion that an IT system for evaluating and managing ‘Skill Succession’ was needed, both for individuals and for departments, and this led us to examine the systemization options.”

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Ichimiya Transportation, Co., Ltd. »

“Due to our business expansion, development of an IT system specialized in international distribution and customs clearance in our International Distribution Division became an urgent issue. One condition for the IT system was that the International Distribution Division (user of the system) and the IT Promotion Department (administrative dept.) work together to achieve continuous system development and maintenance in a short time.”

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SOLIZE Products Corporation (Former name: INCS) »

“Our Manufacturing Department of the Trial Production business faced an urgent necessity to make a major system improvement for the conventional production management and business support system, in order to cope with the demands to respond to the change of the Trial Production market for diversification in products, as well as after-order-specification-changes, which is typical to this business.”

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Johshuya Co., Ltd. »

“The attendance management of about 1500 staff members in 220 shops nationwide was conventionally conducted by punching time cards with the time recorder when they arrive at and leave work. Then, we found an attendance management system on Newcom's HP, which uses Excel and works via the Internet, so we made an inquiry, and were introduced to a Web solution, namely, dbSheetClient, which utilizes Excel.”

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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. »

“For our IT system that supported the invoice-issuing-operation, there was an existing mainframe system, but functions which were not included in the mainframe were developed and operated by workers at each job site independently by using Excel and/or Access. This time, we decided to develop these operations and the system into a common integrated IT system of the business center.”

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Shinko Engineering & Maintenance Co.,Ltd. »

“We used to perform input on 5 kinds of Excel sheets (daily report, weekly action plan, time schedule, man-hour management chart, work progress graph), which were often redundant with poor work efficiency and mistakes and required several days for tabulation work. Then we encountered ‘dbSheetClient’ at an Exhibition, and felt this might bring a solution to our problem, which lead to our installing the program.”

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