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By using dbSheetClient,
Built a sales forecast planning system that administers domestic and overseas operations!
By maintaining the familiar and efficiency-proven Excel worksheets as I/F, the overseas development has become also smooth!

The work load of entering and verifying data and producing fix formatted documents from them by sales and administrative personnel, has reduced!
Sharing real time sales forecast domestic and overseas from HQ (Japan) has been achieved by Excel!

Introduction of USHIO INC.

Light – Edge Technologies
Although light has been used since ancient times,
It is said that 80% of its properties have yet to be discovered.
Using light for illumination, carving, hardening, cleaning, heating, dissolving and conveying …
USHIO started out in 1964 as a manufacturer of industrial light sources. Since then, the company has continued to reveal the mysteries of light one by one, and has made its discoveries available through cutting-edge technology and visual images. Today, the role of light is more significant than ever,
And it is now a key technology that supports technological innovation in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, environmental science and space exploration.

Super-high pressure mercury (vapor) lamp

Company Overview

Company name
March 1964
19,556,326,316 JPY
Number of employees
Ushio Electrics main body  1,793 employees
Domestic group total  588 employees
Overseas group total  3,089 employees
Total  5,470 employees (Current as of March, 31st, 2014)
Light application products, industrial equipment and other businesses
Chairman: USHIO Jirô
President: HAMAJIMA Kenji
2-6-1, Oote-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to, Asahi Seimei building (Reception on 20F)


Mr. ABE Takaaki
(IT Division, Business Development Division)
Mr. KINJI Toshiaki
(IT Division, Business Development Division)

System configuration chart

Sales forecast planning system.

The server is installed in a Japan's data center, and is available from Japan and overseas.

Background and scale of system development

Our company has been extensively using Excel for information sharing. So we have selected work processes one after another where we can expect a great performance boost by using dbSheetClient and so developed and operated. We present here the details of the sales forecast planning system that covers both domestic and overseas activities.

(1) The first step
Domestic factories using dbSheetClient for inventory

We have been using Excel partially for taking month end raw material inventory. Now we have deployed a system to create the book inventory list automatically for physical inventory input, by using dbSheetClient. We have implemented primary and secondary closing feature in the system so we can grasp the progress of inventory as well as standardize the activity. As a result, inventory activity performance has boosted and time and number of staff for inventory has reduced by half.

  • No. of screens: 17
  • Forms: 3
  • Development start: December 2009
  • Deployment in production: February 2010

Then, based on the success of the first step, we are promoting systems by utilizing dbSheetClient to address challenges of the sales forecast management for each overseas subsidiary.

(2) The second step
Sales forecast planning system / Japan, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou (production factories)   Products: Lamps

We have developed a system to enter the domestic and overseas sales forecast and to relay the data to each domestic and overseas production factory.

  • No. of screens: 15
  • Forms: 11
  • Development start: April 2010
  • Deployment in production: October 2010

(3) The third step
Sales forecast planning system / China (Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, Chengdu)   Products: Lamps, equipment

By using dbSheetClient, we have developed a sales forecast planning system that integrates such information from the multiple remote sales offices in China.

  • No. of screens: 22
  • Forms: 7
  • Development start: October 2011
  • Deployment in production: April 2012

(4) The fourth step
Sales forecast planning system / Taiwan   Products: Lamps, equipment

By applying the sales forecast planning system, our third step deployment done in China, to Taiwan, we have developed a sales forecast planning system with a minimum of customization.

  • No. of screens: 22
  • Forms: 8
  • Development start: April 2013
  • Deployment in production: October 2013

System overview

Sales forecast planning system
Location of use: Japan, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou (production factories)

• Switches information sharing method for domestic and overseas sales offices and production factories, from the sending-Excel-files to database sharing.
• Develops a system that can relate weekly production plan, produced by factories, to sales forecast plans of domestic and overseas sales companies.

Sales forecast planning system
Location of use: China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu) / Taiwan

• Sales representative for each site can input sales forecast for each product / each customer for several years (with an emphasis on the current fiscal year).
• The various analysis tables (budget and performance, difference with the previous month, etc.) that are modified to incorporate the request for features from overseas subsidiaries can be referred to in real time.
• Error messages can be displayed both in English and in Japanese.

• Inventory activity system sample screen
• Sales forecast planning system sample screen 1
• Sales forecast planning system sample screen 2
• Sales forecast planning system sample screen 3

Reason for adopting the dbSheetClient

The trigger was first hearing about it during an exhibition called “Software Development Environment Exhibition”. dbSheetClient was focusing on the idea of a central management of business data in a database with Excel I/F.

While our company widely used Excel in our sharing of business information, the sending-Excel-files presented many challenges in the operational and management aspects, such as version control, so we required a framework that would allow valid and authentic data inputs for the sales forecast planning and management of it. In particular, in the deployment of the system toward our overseas subsidiaries, we were looking for a system where we can utilize our familiar and efficiency-proven Excel worksheet instead of introducing a finished package, and thought dbSheetClient to be optimal.

Once the inventory management system was established in our domestic factories, there came demands of deployment of the sales forecast planning system from our overseas subsidiaries.
Since dbSheetClient is a front end for Excel, it is easy to use and we were able to achieve a centralized management through a database with Excel I/F. We have also achieved a response improvement by combining terminal services.

For the actual development based on dbSheetClient, we received technical support from NEWCOM, and realized an optimal system development while taking advantage of their development know-how.

Results following the introduction

Inventory management system

• When we first introduced dbSheetClient, we had wondered about how much effect it would have. However, since we could directly take advantage of Excel, and link it natively to Oracle, which is used in the whole company, we were able to recognize that it is an effective tool, and that it can significantly improve our operations.

Sales forecast planning system

• We were able to integrate and manage sales forecast information from each subsidiary in remote locations.
• Thanks to application of the sales forecast planning system to other overseas subsidiaries, we were able to introduce a unified system within the group.
• From the administrator’s viewpoint, the fact that administrative work for the system’s operation can be achieved domestically, and that the system was developed without increasing the local personnel man-power (and without increasing the costs) are considered as factors for successful application of overseas deployment.
• The accuracy of the sales forecast input has vastly improved and analysis operations have become feasible. Since reality we could not see so far has become visible, we were able to achieve an early detection of issues and accelerate our decision-making.

Overseas expansion

• When the system was introduced first, we conducted on-site guidance for data maintenance and operating instructions, but afterwards, everything could run effectively with support from Japan.

Future initiatives

We plan to keep implementing the expansion of the sales forecast planning system to our overseas subsidiaries and further strengthen the cooperation with headquarters.