Making Excel and Access into a Web-enabled system at a low cost and in a short time!

dbSheetClient enables you to easily establish a rich client type Web System by applying the framework of dbSheetClient to the widely used Microsoft Excel and Access. In a rapidly changing IT technological environment, this tool provides you with easy system maintenance and with in-house system development. You can develop and maintain a Web system in your company so that specification changes can be dealt with promptly and expenses can be cut drastically.

Making Excel Book based jobs into a Web system

dbSheetClient allows for data on Excel books to be stored not in the Excel workbook but in its database. As a result, complex procedures to collect data from Excel books for calculation becomes unnecessary.

Cumbersome Excel operations lead to mistakes!

Standardized Excel Book based operation

Excel Book based field data Mgt; All done manually.
File level information sharing
No decisive data leakage/falsification control
Aggregate processing between books
Incapable of real-time information sharing

Making Excel Book based operations web-enabled

Web enabled system from Excel Books

Field data is stored in DB
Excel and DB directly connected
Affordable to build high security system
Automating aggregation beyond books
Real-time information sharing

Screen shots of dbSheetClient system

The following are screen shots of dbSheetClient system, which replaced Excel book based operations with dbSheetClient. In doing so, previously used Excel files are retrieved and re-used in dbSheetClient system as they are. Therefore, introducing a new operation by dbSheetClient cost less effort, even to the end users.

PL Monitor
Ability evaluation management system

Making Access file based operation into a Web-enabled system

Access file based operations can become a web-enabled system using dbSheetClient so valuable local data can be turned into even more effective management data.

MDB files have limitations and cause problems

Web enabled system from Excel Books

Client/Server type operation of Access
File corruption due to multiple accesses
Processing speed drastically drops when the data amount increases
Built-in security countermeasures are incapable
Use at separate locations causes an inevitable increase in work hours

Make a Web-enabled system with Server Database

Make MDB file based operation Web enabled

Make C/S operation of Access web enabled
Bring out the full functions of dbSheet Server via API
High-speed response in WAN environments
Automate distribution/renewal of the latest program (MDB)
Establish Web-enabled system with Access VBA

Screen shots of our customers’ cases

The following are screen shots of our customer, Ichimiya Transportation Co., Ltd's.

Customs clearance/work result data
Quotation management
Customer management


If you want to make your end-user Excel or Access work into a system with:
Immediate data delivery and sharing;
Smooth data reporting and processing;
Automated data processing;
Strict role-based access control and secure user authentication;
Multiple personnel use in multiple distant locations;
In-house development;
Short-term development;
Tight/small budget;
Then dbSheetClient is the answer!